As a brand focused on developing and producing high-quality inflatable spas, we always aim to help our users enjoy a wholesome lifestyle in the easiest way. Presenting the MSpa Link application, our modern virtual assistant here to look after all your needs concerning your new spa.

Turn on Functions Wherever you Are

It's just like a real control panel, but a portable and smarter one. All operations could be done by the physical penel can now be done with the APP with just a click!

Get Guidance Right Away

The app offers technical support such as access to user manuals, installation videos, FAQs and more. It will also direct you to service providers for assistance with other issues and questions.

Fully Know About Your Spa

You can easily find your spa's serial number and WI-FI version. We will send you tips to better maintain the spa. When issues are detected, you will be notified to correct problems quickly!