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Can the spa be left up year-round?

It depends on where you live. It is not recommended to keep your spa on if your temperature falls lower than 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The spa may freeze and cracking may occur. Spa can not withstand the weight of ice and snow. It is recommended to store the spa when you will not use it for a while.

Is an inflatable spa noisy?

Your inflatable spa will not emit noise when it is in standby, filtration or heating mode. When the blower is in operation, you will hear the sound of the pump as well as the eddies of the water.

How many seasons should the spa last?

It depends on how the consumer uses, maintains and cares the spa. Regular maintenance and proper storage of the spa in the off-season will prolong its life. Warranty on the spa liner is maximum 6 months from the date of purchase.

What material is the spa made of?

The spa pool is mainly made with heavy gauge of PVC.

What is the cost of running a spa?

With 30 minutes of use per day with all the functions of the spa in operation, the running cost of the spa is about 5 €. Consumption of the various functions: MASSAGE: 0.5-0.72kW / hour FILTER: 0.035-0.06kW / hour HEATER: 0.75-1.5kW / hour

How long will my MSpa last?

A well-maintained spa can last for several years. The blower of bubble has a lifetime. MSpa blower is Quieter & more durable than like product for > 200 Hours – equal to 600 time of use. For your health concern, MSpa has the auto break design, sets the bubble function for every 20 minutes and auto stop for 10 minutes break. Soaking in the 40°C MSpa for 20 minutes, you can burn about 200 calories, which equals to: Brisk walking of 45 minutes at speed of 5.2 km/h 23 minutes ride or ride 4.6 miles 29 minutes yoga exercise 27 minutes diving activities 27 minutes to play sports 4 to 7 km jogging

Spa Water

How many litres/gallons of water does the spa pool hold?

When filled to 80% of max water capacity, as recommended, the spa pool water volume is approximately: For 4-6 person spa 1200ltr/320gal. For 4 person spa 800ltr/211gal. For 2-4 person spa 700ltr/185gal.

Do you recommend using chemicals?

Yes, contact our service partner for information on the best chemicals to use for your spa. We recommend the inflatable spa starter kit. It is composed of bromine disinfection products, very effective for high temperature water.

How do I prevent dirt and grime from getting into the spa water?

Use the top lid to keep your spa covered when not in use. This will help keep wind and other elements from depositing dirt and debris in your spa, and will also prevent excess rainwater from overfilling your spa.

How much water or how high of the spa pool shall the consumer fills water in the spa?

There are two water lines printed on the inner wall of the spa pool: Minimum Water Level and Maximum Water Level, The customer needs fill the water into the spa between the two water lever liners. Special Attention: 1.Fill in water into the spa pool carefully especially for the first time of use. The water must reach the minimum water line but not exceed the maximum water line, otherwise it may cause filter pump failure. 2. Please avoid water spillage from the spa pool, the spilled water may flow into the control box and damage the components inside the control box. 3. After filling in water, please check air pressure again and make sure the indication pin reads in green sector. When needs to inflate more air during use, please make sure the indication pin also point within green sector in any term. 4. Please reduce the air pressure to the yellow sector of manometer to avoid over inflation due to warm weather or sunshine etc. after leaving the spar pool outside under the sunshine for long.

How long does it take to fill the spa with water?

Around 10 minutes or more, it depends on the hose size and water pressure. Remember to observe the initial filling of the spa for several minutes in order to make sure that the spa is well setup and the bottom is flat.

How often should the water be changed?

The frequency to change the spa water can vary due to different usage ways of the spa and different chemical balance of the water. If properly filtered and chemically balanced, no need to change the water through the whole summer season. The frequency to change water can be reduced by keeping the spa covered when not in use, testing the water regularly to ensure proper chemical balance, operating the pump for an adequate number of hours each day, keeping the filter pump cartridge clean, and replacing the cartridge when needed.

How often to test the spa water?

Spa water should be tested before each use. Use test strips to test pH, alkalinity, chlorine level and bromine level.

Can I use Chlorine and Bromine sanitizer products together?

NO. Chlorine and Bromine sanitizing products shall never be mixed up together. This is very dangerous. If customer usually uses chlorine, but wants to switch to Bromine, or vice versa, make sure to drain out the water and refill with fresh water before switching chemicals.

What should I do if there is a strong chemical odor or my skin is irritated when having a bath?

The spa might contain a high concentration of Chloramines. Drain out the spa water, clean the spa pool wall and re-fill with fresh water.

What is the approximate depth of the water for spa?

If the spa is filled with 80% of its maximum water capacity, the depth is about 44-46cm.

Would excessive spa chemicals affect / cause deterioration to the spa pool(liner)?

Yes, Excessive or concentrated chemicals may cause damage to the spa liner and the user.


Is there repair material enclosed for spa liner repair?

Yes, but only a few pieces of repair PVC swatches are included in the package. For safety reason, the repairing glue is not included to the package. But consumers can ask for the glues from the service center or can try to find a similar glue used for PVC gluing for such repair at their local shops. Small tears or holes can be repaired with the enclosed repair PVC swatches. The surface should be dry and clean while affixing the PVC swatch to the leaking tiny holes or tears.

What could cause the spa to be lopsided?

The base or bottom of the spa is not laid out flat (without wrinkles). The spa pool liner and cover must be extended evenly around when the spa is filled with water.

Why sometimes can algae be found in the spa even the customer runs the filter pump regularly?

The filter pump itself will not prevent algae from growing in the spa water; this can only be done by maintaining proper chlorine and pH levels at all times. The customer can check the local pool chemical supplies store for further information.

Why does the bubbling stop working suddenly?

It is normal. As our spa is designed to have automatic stop of the bubbling function. For the bubble spa, the bubbling function will stop working for 10 minutes after having worked 20 minutes and needs to be restarted by pushing the bubble function button manually.

What if I already screw off the inlet and outlet when the product was full with water?

No, it’ll not hurt the engine, but the water leakage is a big problem, which would damage or cause electric shock if there is any other electrical equipment around the spa.

Why there is red light keeps flashing or red and green lights alternately flashing?

This is filter Cartridge Cleaning Reminder: When red light keeps flashing (Filter function is OFF) or red and green lights alternately flashing (Filter function is ON), the filter cartridge shall be cleaned or replaced. After that, press Filter button for 3s to delete the reminder.

What's the meaning of error code:E0,E1,E2,E3,E4 shown on the panel?

Please view Error Code chart here.


How often should I wash or change the filter cartridge?

The frequency varies according to the use and maintenance of the spa. We recommend replacing the cartridge filter every 2 to 4 weeks, continuously using for 72 hours.

Why is the filter function activated at the same time upon pressing the heater button?

It is normal. The heater function cannot be turned on independently, when the customer pressed the heater function, the filter function also starts at the same time. At the same time, when the heater is working, the filter function cannot be turned off individually either, but can only be turned off by pressing “HEATER” button but not “FILTER” button.

Can I buy filters on the high street?

Yes, you will find the original MSPA filters at the best market price from local service partner.

Where should I install the filter cartridge? Why is there a hole(s) on the surface of filter cart?

Please screw the filter onto the water inlet (lower fitting) on the spa wall by turning it clockwise, through which water is drawn from the pool by a pump. The hole(s) on the surface of filter cartridge is a security to make sure there is always minimum water flow to avoid damage to heater and pump when filter cartridge would be blocked. MSpa does have no cover or bag for the filter cartridge anymore.


Can I set the spa up on a concrete patio?

Yes, but a ground cloth is highly recommended, and do not drag the spa pool across the concrete patio as the abrasion may cause holes on the spa pool. The surface of the patio must be smooth, level, stable and free of any sharp objects.

How much air should the consumer inflate the spa?

The spa can be Inflated until it becomes stable with approx.85% capacity only. An over inflated spa may burst or suffer from leaks in the seam while it’s filled with water and heated by the sunshine in hot summer. Always remember to use manometer to test and adjust the air pressure of the spa pool to a suitable status (make sure the air pressure indicating needle stay within the green sector after filling the water). When the spa needs to inflate more air during use, please also make sure the air pressure indicating needle reads in green sector at any time.

Is their a video available to show how to set up the spa?

Yes. The spa setup DVD is included in the spa package. You may also visit the website as for solutions to your questions.

Should I install my spa inside or outside?

Each location has its pros and cons. Outside installations may compromise some of your privacy, but you can add screens, shrubbery, or fencing to minimize peering eyes. The outside weather can be a deterring factor, although many people absolutely love the experience of lounging in bubbling hot water while a light rain or snowflakes are falling! It can be exhilarating. Awnings can be built to shelter the effects of weather. It should be noted for those of you who have not experienced it, hot water raises your body's core temperature, so you will normally not feel cold even when exiting a hot tub outdoors in the dead of winter. Inside installations will add humidity to the air in your home. It is imperative that proper ventilation be maintained to control this moisture and to prevent mildew and other damage. If you decide on an inside installation, be sure to take into account the draining and filling of the unit. There are two other important questions: will it fit through your doorway, and is your flooring strength adequate? Keep in mind that a typical 3-person spa weighs about 2500 pounds filled with water. On the plus side, you will have privacy and convenience. Your unit and cover will also be fully protected from the weather.

Can I use the spa during cold weather? How to use?

Yes, the spa can be used during cold weather by following the suggested ways as below: 1. Fill the spa with warm water to warm up the control box first to avoid SPL alarm and this will shorten the course to heat up the water. 2. Drain the spa water when the spa is not going to be used for a while or keep the heater on. Do not put the spa outside with temperature less than minus 10 ℃(14℉) even the heater is kept on

What is needed to prepare a site for the spa?

A level, stable surface is needed and all sharp objects must be removed. A ground cloth or tarp should be placed under the spa prior to setting it up. If a site does in fact have hardy types of grass it is recommended to remove these grasses before initial set up. Do not set up Mspa in a place where it can be flooded with water.

What is the steepest slope that I am able to set up my spa on?

For best results the surface should be perfectly level. Pay close attention to the spa’s stability and levelness in the early stages of filling your spa up with water. If after about an inch of water is accumulated, and the water is not spreading out evenly, or the spa appears to be bulging to one side, stop filling the spa, drain the water, and select a new site. If the spa is set up on a slope, the spa will be lopsided and could collapse. Never set up the spa on a slope.

What other surfaces can be safely used to set up my spa?

The spa can be set up on grass or pavement that is completely smooth, level and stable. A ground cloth or tarp is recommended. The spa should NOT be set up on sand or muddy ground that could possibly shift around.


Is the heater defective if the heater button does not light up when the set temperature is low?


How to get a better heating result for the water inside the spa pool?

We strongly recommend the top lid of spa is covered with inflatable bladder when the heater function is on to prevent the heat loss. In addition, a temperature barrier mat can be used at the bottom to have better heat preservation result.

What is the maximum temperature that can be reached with the heater?

Maximum 42℃ or 104℉while there may be some indication tolerance which will indicate about 38℃ or 100℉. This is normal. And also please note that the following conditions will lead to slow and even heating without heating phenomenon: 1. Environmental temperature lower than 10°C(50°F) 2. Outdoor wind force above Gentle breeze/F 3 3. Environmental temperature lower than 10°C(50°F) and wind power above Gentle breeze 4. Activate bubbling system when heating 5. Spa lid is not covered or improperly covered when heating So the customer is recommended to fill spa with warm water for quick heating and energy saving if necessary.

Why is the temperature showing on the control panel differs from the actual water temperature?

Before entering the spa tub, users should measure the water temperature with an accurate thermometer since the tolerance of water temperature regulating devices may vary as much as +/- 2 ℃ ( 5 ℉ ).

How long does it take to heat up?

The heat increase rate is maxi. 1.2 to 2.5°C(1-3°F for US) per hour. If the water temperature starts about 24°C (75F), and you want to warm water to 38°C (100F), it'll take about 7-10hours

How much does the temperature of the spa decrease if it is switched off at night?

According to our tests, the temperature drops by about 1 ° C every 5 hours.


Can I get MSPA warranty service if I bought my second hand spa?

No. Standard consumer warranty applies ONLY to the original MSpa owner.

Who do I contact for a warranty claim?

Please contact local service partner, you can find the information on the back of manual. Mspa covers below manufacture warranty period: 12 months for the electric parts 6 months for the spa pool (MSpa® Lite/Delight Inflatable Spa) 12 months for the spa pool (MSpa® Premium/Elite/Concept Inflatable Spa/Rigid Wall Mspa) 24 months for the rigid wall frame

Where is the serial number of my spa?

The MSPA serial number can be found on the back of your spa's control keypad, on its carton, or on one of the feet of the engine block.


Does the spa pool require any special care to ensure durability?

Keep sharp objects out of the spa pool or from underneath of the spa pool. Maintain proper PH level of water and keep the spa sanitary and clean.

How do I protect the spa from damaging grass or fungi developing on the concrete?

It is impossible to prevent grass or lawn damage under the spa. Keep this in mind when selecting your site for setting up the spa. Keep the grass and concrete floor or patio as dry as possible.

How do UV rays affect the materials that the spa pool is made of?

All PVCs degrade over prolonged exposure to excessive sunlight. Our Spas are manufactured with UV inhibitors to delay the degradation caused by sunlight. However the spa pool can get an irregular shape if the pressure is too high due to strong hot sunshine. The customers can buy a spa cover to protect the spa pool from UV and pollution.

What should the customer use to clean his spa before storing it for the winter?

The customer can use mild soap and water to wash his spa. He shall wash the spa thoroughly and make sure the spa is completely dry before storing.

How can I dry the spa pool before storage?

After the spa is drained, operate the bubble function for another 20 or 30 minutes to dry the bottom ring. Remove the control panel from the spa tub, disassemble filter pump from the bottom of control box so as shown in the video. Drain water and clean off any scale incrustation, like white coagulations inside the filter pump. Unscrew the complete part of the air valve on the spa pool and the spa will be deflated.


Is it safe for pets to play in the spa?

No, dogs, cats, and all other household pets should be kept away from the spa to avoid possible danger of being drowned inside the pool water, and also to protect the spa side walls, inflatable ring, RCD plug cable etc from pets bites or scratches which may cause punctures, holes, opening crack and other damages to the spa pool or the RCD plug.

Why an extension cord should not be used as stated in the spa set up instruction?

In order to reduce the risk of electric shock, the customer can’t cut off the cord and connect the cord with other one to extend the length of the power supply cord by himself since this may cause potential danger. It is important only to use a 16A power supply. If the customer has to use an extension cord/connecting cable, please make sure this is for 16A purpose and for outdoor use. For safety reasons, set up spa a few meters away from power supply.

Can I use MSpa in the rain?

MSpa can leave outside in light rain as it is of IPX5, protection against harmful ingress of water. But we do not suggest people use it with bubbling open because the water may cause air pump damped and rusted which could result the air pump works improperly and will void your warranty. And also you’ll need to make sure to keep the power plug dry.